Wednesday, January 17, 2018

What's In The Box?

 This year I decided I would try to use up  all my holiday fabrics - a self-imposed Holiday Cheer Challenge.   I have a Christmas project box that I haven't been into for ages so decided to get it out and check the contents.  I didn't find a Partridge in a Pear Tree but did find: 

 56 Christmas Happy Blocks (swapped long ago with 4 inch centers and 2 inch sides)
 7 Christmas Happy Blocks (from who knows where with 4.5 inch centers and 2 inch sides)
 8 - seven inch Ornaments (in a bag along with some green background fabrics from the thrift store)
 1 Vintage Spin block (untrimmed and centerless.  I think I was going to make a Peppermint Twist quilt??? because I found the block on top of)...
 ...a pile of peppermint fabrics. 
 47 - Five inch swapped Christmas Charms
 14 Delectable Mountain blocks ( leftover from making a Delectable Mountain quilt of Christmas fabrics. Some blocks were swapped.)
 A big uncounted pile of 6.5 inch swapped squares. 
 29 - Four inch HSTs (left over from making a tree skirt plus three corner pieces cut off of tree skirt to make an octagonal shape. Not sure where fourth corner went???) 
 19 - 10 inch Roman Stripe blocks (I don't even remember making)

And that's the end of the box contents.  
So, what to do...what to do...

I made 34 more Happy Blocks to add to the 56 that were in the box.  Now I have 90 for a 9 x 10 layout (58.5 x 65).   This will make a third Christmas quilt for me. And that is how many grandchildren I have so when they get older and have their own homes they can each have one. 

I'm thinking about what to do with the rest of the box contents and my box of Christmas fabrics.  Time will tell. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Zig Zag Nine Patch Progress

I'm often inspired by vintage quilts. In December I posted about one that  I had seen online and that I had decided to make one like it.  This is my progress so far - about half way to a big quilt top. 

It is 94 inches long and consists of alternating columns of 21 and 22 three inch nine patches.  Four columns = 17 inches across.  I'm trying to keep the corner patches of the nine patches the same color in each column  but I think I'll have a few columns of a mixed variety. I'm using three inch nine patches from my boxes of nine patches that have been swapped over the years. 

A few people wondered how I was making it so what follows is an explanation of how I made the column above  with the black cornered nine patches between a red zig and a blue zag. 

First I made sure I had 21 three inch nine patches with black corners. 
Then I cut a 3.5 inch strip of red and a 3.5 inch strip of blue and then further cut them into half HST pieces.  
Then I chain sewed all the red half HSTs to the left side of the nine patches oriented as shown. 
Then I chain pieced the blue half HST to the right side of the nine patch oriented as shown. 
 My units looked like this and I ironed them pressing seams toward the HST. 

 At this point I will show you how the top and bottom of the columns look.  When I'm finished with the quilt I'll trim it 1/4 inch from the point of the green and blue nine patches slicing through the other nine patches 1/4 inch from the center. That will leave some partial nine patches.  Hope I'm explaining this correctly. 

I guess you could trim as you go along but that's just not what I'm doing right now. 

Now back to our black nine patch column. Our column top and bottom nine patches will look like the green column so they need an extra half HST added to the top nine patch of the column and a blue half HST added to the bottom nine patch like above.  
Sew the pieces together as shown above until... have an entire column made. 
Then sew your new column to the previous column.  (Yes, I'll trim the dog ears once the column as sewn together. It's faster for me to do it that way than individually it seems.)
And there you have it.  I actually clip the seam here and there so when I iron it everything will lie flat. 

I'm thinking I'll make about 20 columns. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

In the Hoop

42 Cent Forever Stamps is in the hoop.   I am just stitching straight (well, not that straight since I'm not marking) vertical lines in pink perle #8.  Of course I could do the same thing on my DSM and have it all done in a flash but I don't really like machine quilting on my DSM but I do love hand stitching in the evenings for a few minutes before bed. 

And in case you are wondering about the Glitter quilt that was in the hoop last week...I have all the hand quilting I'm going to do completed and am waiting for a long needle so I can blind tie/international stitch on it to finish it off.  I didn't want to order a long needle for fear I'd order a bunch of fabric with it that I really shouldn't and I haven't gone out of the house to a store or anywhere else for weeks because I don't like to go out in the cold unless there's a very good reason.   So Glitter will have to wait for now. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Blue 2.5 Inch Scrap Edition

 I dug into my blue 2.5 inch scraps this week and I sure had to make a lot of HSTs. 
Last year I made these ten inch (Crazy) Lady of the Lake blocks.  I have about half of what I need for a BIG quilt so they are on my to-do list again this year as an Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) project.    I found a baggie of six inch  half HST pieces leftover from making basket blocks several years ago so used some of them for the centers as well as some chunk pieces. 

 I don't know how many years I've been making these eight inch Depression Blocks but I have about 66 of them if I can believe my note in the bag with them. these get carried over again this year too.   I limit myself to actual scraps so how many I make depends on my scraps.  But I like BIG quilts so it still make take several years to have enough blocks.  And I'm okay with that. 

And finally I made some Sprouts. Somehow I forgot I had these in the works and skipped over them last year but what was lost has now been found and they are back in the scrap rotation. However many I end up with after this year is how many will be in the quilt, I think. I'm not going to count but just surprise myself at the end of the year.  I'm just going to go where the scraps take me.

And where are the scraps taking everyone else? 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Weekly Dozen

The weekly dozen. 
Six inch Drunkard's Path blocks. 
But my quilt will be called Off the Beaten Path.  Someday. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Couple More Boho Roosters Are on the Loose

I made a couple more Boho Rooster blocks.

Nine down and seven more to go!

I hope I have enough Boho fabrics and roosters! I haven't cut ahead. Ah, the suspense!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Thinking Big!

 These are my goals for First Quarter 2018 Finish-Along.   In case it takes me longer to finish than a quarter then I'll also declare them as the 18 for 2018 goals.  

1. 42 Cent Forever Stamps - 74 x 92.5.   It needs to be quilted. I'm not sure I have a backing for it yet.  I'm considering hand quilting with pink perle #8 but really still undecided. 
 2. Wandering Geese - 80 x 80.  The backing is prepared. I will quilt it on my DSM one of these days. 
 3. Glitter - It's in the hoop! 

4. Birthday Wishes.  Needs to be sandwiched and then it's ready for quilting. By hand or machine? 

 5 - Trick or Treat - 60 x 72.  It needs to be sandwiched and then quilted on the DSM.
 6. Four Halloween Placemats. Need to make backs and get them quilted. 
 7. Homespun Fun - 54 x 78 - Needs to be sandwiched and quilted. 
 8. Cattywampus - I need to find a backing, piece some batting and get 'er done. 
 9. Star Chain - a Block Lotto win. 56 x 70. Backing made. Need to sandwich and quilt.  How? 
 10. Burgoyne Surrounded.  I need to find a backing!!! Then get it quilted. How? 
 11. Rainbow Coins - I was going to hand quilt this but now I'm wondering??? - I have a possible backing but don't really like it all that much.  I might have to piece a rainbow backing????
 12. Rosebuds - I don't have a backing big enough. This is BIG! After I get one I'm going to attempt to quilt the BIG thing on my DSM.  (I'm not looking forward to it.)
 13. PREPARE - Need to piece the backing. Then will very simply hand quilt. 
 14 - 15. ABC I Spy. 2 were completed in the past but I have two left to go.  I need to find backings, piece batting, iron on ABCs (I only have one set) and get them done and to the new grandnephews born in 2017, Evan and Silas. They are overdue!!  The other grandnephews of 2017, Tyberius and Marshall, have theirs! 
 16. - Really, really, really, infinity old mystery quilt. I have it sandwiched and just need to get it quilted. It sure would make a nice donation quilt for a guy!
 17. A Snowball's Chance.  - It will get a mix of hand quilting and machine quilting when the time is right. It's been sandwiched for a long time. 
 18. Pumpkin Peel - It's only a flimsy. I don't have a backing yet. And I think I need to take the four sections apart and square them up since I didn't do that previously and I think it's a kind of out of whack. I am not sure how I will quilt it. I'm thinking echo quilting on my DSM but hand quilting sounds tempting too. 
19.  Little Lotto - Quilt from Sunshine Online Quilt Guild Block Lotto won last year.  It's ready for some machine quilting!